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Here Are Some Testimonials From Delighted Customers

Name: Harriet Adams

Address: PO Box 746, Ithaca, NY 14851

Email: talonenzodirect@hotmail.com

"Hi Louise,

I just purchased and read your ebook on bacterial vaginosis.  I have in my research, found that I absolutely agree with most everything you say in that book.

I have found a few interesting books on BV through Clickbank but I really think they could be offered supplementally to your book.   You convinced me when you talked about **specific treatment**.  That did it for me.  I don't use capsules but mix the **specific treatment** with coconut oil and roll to make a suppository.  It is amazing how it works for me."

Thanks for writing the book."

… More from Harriet about my book, Home Remedies for Bacterial Vaginosis:


"Your book, I think, is very important.  It explains everything about BV very well and just enough for a woman of any age or level of schooling.  

The remedies you suggest seem to be the top ones that I have found that work and don't require a lot of preparation or money or supplies. I found that some of the other books out there do require some major life changes, such as a rigorous diet, which may turn some women off.  

As you suggested in your book, I have been using **specific treatment** for a while now and it really seems to make a difference."




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