Hi, my name is Louise Endago.

I used to work as a secretary in a busy law firm in Chicago. Getting bacterial vaginosis forced me to quit my job. I was too self conscious of people noticing the smell and my frequent toilet visits to freshen myself up and change my underwear. I just couldn't manage it.

Thankfully I have a supportive husband who will forever be at my side. He was more than happy to support me financially until I got my problem sorted out.

I suffered from bacterial vaginosis for 3 years before I finally decided I had had enough. Since my doctors weren't going to help me, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I went out there and started to meet other women who had suffered from bacterial vaginosis and cured themselves naturally. I spoke to many experts who had done research projects on natural remedies for bacterial vaginosis. I also made myself a human guinea pig and tried a HUGE number of different alternative therapies. 

It cost me a hell of a lot of money to travel the world and learn everything that I now know about bacterial vaginosis and how to treat it naturally using simple home remedies for bacterial vaginosis. It also took a lot of effort and willpower, and it took a huge chunk out of my life. But it was all worth it.

I am now free of bacterial vaginosis forever. I never have to worry about those foul smells and being embarrassed in public, or that uncomfortable feeling of being unclean, that murky discharge that would wet my underwear.

I have since managed to get back to my comfortable job as a part-time secretary. Looking back on it, it's like the whole bacterial vaginosis thing never happened. The only change is that I have this VAST knowledge about a condition that thousands of women are suffering from around the world.

So I decided to share what knowledge I have gained on this website. I hope you can make use of what information I have to offer so that you too can go on and get rid of your bacterial vaginosis forever!

Wishing you all the success in the world



Louise Endago