How To Make Bacterial Vaginosis Cures Work!

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Bacterial vaginosis can be a real pain to get rid of. It's one of those conditions that tend to become a part of your life as soon as you're diagnosed with it. But that's not what we want.

Whether you are taking antibiotics or using natural bacterial vaginosis cures, you'll find that most women never really manage to get rid of their BV permanently.

Now don't get me wrong. Some natural bacterial vaginosis cures are very powerful and really do work better than antibiotics in helping women to get on top of their BV. But I keep seeing women time and time again, who have to keep a stash of suppositories in the fridge, just in case they feel their symptoms starting up again.

But wouldn't you rather just treat it and forget about it?

Wouldn't you rather there was a magic pill that would get rid of your BV once and for all so you would never have to worry about it again?

When I find this magic pill, I promise you'll be the first one to know. But right now, I do have the next best thing for you, which is a completely different way of approaching the treatment of bacterial vaginosis, an approach that has been shown to really bring lasting change for many a woman before you.

See, there's one reason why most women fail miserably with natural bacterial vaginosis cures. And this is that most women are using the wrong MODEL of treatment. What do I mean by this?

Instead of focusing on the root cause of BV, women tend to focus on just alleviating the symptoms. There's a reason why there is a bacterial overgrowth inside your vagina, so just killing the overgrowth is not addressing that reason, it's not addressing the cause of your BV.

This is regardless of whether you are using antibiotics or natural bacterial vaginosis cures such as garlic and tea tree oil.

For as long as you have not addressed the cause of your BV, your BV will always be likely to come back.

How Do You Identify The Cause Of Your BV?

Every case of BV is different. There are a huge list of different possible causes of BV, and it's up to you to find out which of these possible causes is responsible for giving YOU BV.

Once you have found the cause, you need to address the cause by eliminating it, and then follow up with a powerful treatment regime that combines an initial bactericidal element, followed by a flora-replenishment regime.

Here are some common causes of bacterial vaginosis:

1. Regular douching

Do you clean down below because it makes you feel fresh? This is very common practice in some cultures, and it turns out that women from these same cultures are known to suffer from BV more than anyone else.

Although some bacterial vaginosis cures involve using specific douches, regular douching is never recommended, as it upsets the good bacteria and damages the subtle chemical balance inside your vagina.

2. A weakened immune system

When your immune system is weak, it can no longer help defend against the bad bacteria inside your vagina. A weak immune system can result from certain medical conditions. It can also result from stress, lack of sleep and certain dietary deficiencies.

Some of these factors may seem trivial, but they are very important. Scientific studies have indeed shown that BV is far more prevalent among women who have to put up with high levels of stress.

3. Diet composition

Diet can play a huge role in bacterial vaginosis. Not just through modulating your immune system, but from other both direct and indirect effects it has on your vagina. Did you know for example that women who have a high dietary fat intake are more likely to get BV?

Find out which dietary habit is causing YOU to have BV and change it, so you can make sure that after your next treatment, your BV will NOT come back.

4. Having unprotected sex

Anything that reduces the natural acidity of the vagina can very easily result in BV. Since semen is alkaline in nature (the opposite of acidic), it can quite easily cause BV. This is exactly why your symptoms are usually at their worst just after sex.

5. Heavy or prolonged periods

The blood from your periods upsets the healthy acidity of the vagina. BV symptoms are quite commonly at their worst during or just after a woman's period. For this reason, it's quite common for women to regularly use antibiotics or natural remedies for bacterial vaginosis at that time of the month.

Women who have prolonged periods are more likely to get BV. So if your periods are particularly heavy or tend to go on a bit, be sure to go and see your doctor about it. As well as seeing your doctor you can also look into natural remedies that help in this field.

The Most Important Step To Making Bacterial Vaginosis Cures Work

So I really can't stress this enough. The first and most important thing you must do if you want to get rid of your bacterial vaginosis permanently, is to find the root cause of your BV. It can be the smallest little dietary deficiency that you weren't even aware of, but you must find it and fix it.

A lot of women have found that this is the only step they need to take, and their bacterial vaginosis just went away by itself over time.

You can also take things a step further, especially if you want to be rid of your symptoms right now by adding in powerful bacterial vaginosis cures that are known to give immediate results in alleviating the symptoms of BV. To find out more about these remedies, click the following link to visit Home Remedies for Bacterial Vaginosis



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