Have You Tried This Powerful Bacterial Vaginosis Home Remedy? (Part 1 of 2)

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A Powerful Bacterial Vaginosis Home Remedy You Can Start Using Today!

RE: Bacterial vaginosis home remedy

Bacterial vaginosis is a horrible condition to have to live with. It is also one of those conditions that your doctor cannot really help you much with. All he/she can really do is give you antibiotics, and that is a class of drugs anyone with bacterial vaginosis should be avoiding

Bacterial Vaginosis Home Remedy
Eating yoghurt containing live strains of good bacteria has been shown to change the environment inside your vagina, helping to remove the bad bacteria and cure your bacterial vaginosis permanently!

Antibiotics can give you some temporary relief from bacterial vaginosis, but in more than 50% of cases the bacterial vaginosis just comes back, and in many cases is WORSE the second time round and more difficult to treat!

It is very likely that your doctor will finally end up looking at you and telling you "I'm sorry, we have tried everything that is available. I'm afraid you are just going to have to live with it.

"But fear not. There is a whole range of different treatments that your doctor never learned about in medical school."

Bacterial vaginosis comes from an unnatural imbalance in the normal bacteria inside your vagina. Using something as unnatural as antibiotics against the unnatural condition of bacterial vaginosis, is like fighting fire with fire.

The idea is to use natural methods to bring your body and especially the environment inside your vagina back into a natural chemical state.

One very effective bacterial vaginosis home remedy is yoghurt. Now I am not talking about the usual supermarket yoghurts with strawberries, peaches and other fruits at the bottom.

I'm talking about the kind of yoghurt that you will only find at health food stores or in a special section in certain large supermarkets. These are special unpasteurized yoghurts that contain live, healthy bacteria called "L acidophilus".

I don't know why most doctors have never heard of the role of yoghurts containing live L acidophilus in curing bacterial vaginosis, but there is plenty of scientific evidence out there that PROVE that these yoghurts work to cure bacterial vaginosis and can help you to get rid of bacterial vaginosis FOREVER!

Here is an interesting extract from one of these studies:

"In our study, daily ingestion of 150 mL of yoghurt that contained live L acidophilus reduced significantly the episodes of bacterial vaginosis compared with those associated with pasteurized yoghurts."

Eliezer Shalev, MD et. al. Ingestion of Yoghurt Containing Lactobacillus acidophilus Compared With Pasteurized Yoghurt as Prophylaxis for Recurrent Candidal Vaginitis and Bacterial Vaginosis. Arch Fam Med. 1996 Nov-Dec;5(10):593-6.

"How Does This Bacterial Vaginosis Home Remedy Work?"

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