Have You Tried This Natural Bacterial Vaginosis Remedy?

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I want to tell you about what is arguably the most powerful bacterial vaginosis remedy when used on its own. But before you can use this remedy it's important to understand a few things about bacterial vaginosis and the vagina in its healthy state.

The Healthy Vagina

Let's establish an important fact here. A normal, healthy vagina is an acidic environment. Don't be fooled by all the banter on the internet about acid being a bad thing. The vaginal environment NEEDS to be acidic, because the vagina being a warm and moist environment, is a perfect environment for bacteria to grow and thrive. It's the acid (and a few other chemicals in the vagina) that prevent bacteria from doing so.

The acid inside the vagina is produced by a colony of good bacteria called lactobacilli. Lactobacilli also release other chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, which help to kill the bad bacteria that would otherwise take over the vagina and eventually lead to your demise.

Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is an overgrowth of bad bacteria inside your vagina. You get bacterial vaginosis when one of 3 things happen:

1. The lactobacilli in your vagina are killed off. This can happen for example when you take antibiotics, or from douching.

2. Your vagina becomes less acidic. This can result from having unprotected sex (semen is alkaline), especially from multiple partners, and even from dietary changes.

3. Your immune system becomes weak, so it can no longer help defend against the bad bacteria inside your vagina. This can happen from medical illnesses, certain drugs, stress, cigarette smoking, dietary changes etc.

The best bacterial vaginosis remedies work by addressing one, two or all three of the above possible causes.

Why Antibiotics Are NOT An Effective Bacterial Vaginosis Remedy

Antibiotics are only meant to provide symptomatic relief. They kill off most of the overgrown bad bacteria (not all of them), but they do nothing to strengthen your immune system, nothing to restore your vagina's lactobacilli, and nothing to restore your vagina's acidity.

So it's no surprise that in most women, the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis just come back a few weeks or months after taking antibiotics.


What IS The Most Powerful Bacterial Vaginosis Remedy?

The most powerful bacterial vaginosis remedy when used on its own is vaginal acidification.

Scientific studies have shown that the application of 5ml of lactate gel daily inside the vagina is just as effective as antibiotics at killing off overgrown bacteria in the short term. But there is an added benefit.

Unlike antibiotics, lactate gel does not kill lactobacilli, the good bacteria in your vagina. In fact it does the opposite. The increased acidity helps to restore the population of lactobacilli to its previous, healthy level. The increased acidity is also what is responsible for killing off the overgrown bad bacteria.

For these reasons, vaginal acidification has proven to be a truly powerful bacterial vaginosis remedy that gives lasting and permanent results. You will also be happy to learn that you can get even better results when you combine vaginal acidification with other bacterial vaginosis home remedies. To learn more, click here to visit Home Remedies for Bacterial Vaginosis.

Unfortunately, lactate gel isn't commercially available for use in vaginal acidification. There are however a range of other acidifying agents you can use, a few of which have been shown to achieve better results than lactate gel. To find out what they are, click the following link to visit Home Remedies for Bacterial Vaginosis




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