One Powerful BV Remedy You Can Start Using Today

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Hello again

Do you have vivid dreams? I used to, but for the last few months I've been having these vague dreams that you don't really remember when you wake up. 

All you remember is your emotions and how you felt – whether you felt scared, sad, happy, excited or in love. Last night was particularly confusing for me, as I think I felt every emotion under the sun.

I decided this morning that the message I communicate to YOU will be different. Rather than be elusive and hard to understand, I want to be as clear and concise as I can.


I want to make it so you can take the information I give you and start applying it NOW, so you can cure your BV as quickly as possible.


In my last email I told you about the strategic and individualized approach to curing your BV permanently. This is something that you will learn and master over time. But for now I want to tell you about some specific treatments that you can start using today.

I want to tell you today about probiotics. Probiotics are yogurts, tablets or capsules that contain good bacteria.

How Do Probiotics Work?

Before you had BV, your vagina contained lots of good bacteria called 'lactobacilli'. Lactobacilli help to maintain the healthy environment inside your vagina, by releasing chemicals that stop bad bacteria from overgrowing.

When you get BV, your lactobacilli count decreases and your vagina is filled with a bad strain of bacteria called gardnerella. Probiotics work by replacing the good, lactobacilli bacteria inside your vagina.

Once inside your vagina, the lactobacilli get to work at changing the vaginal environment back to its natural and healthy state and killing off the excess bad bacteria, thereby curing you of your BV.

What Type Of Probiotic Should You Use?

Probiotics are found in special types of yogurts and in tablets/capsules/suppositories.

Probiotic yogurts can be found in health food stores and in some large supermarkets. Just using any type of yogurt won't do. You have to get the stuff that is unpasteurized and contains live strains of lactobacilli. You can also find probiotic tablets in health food stores or order them from the internet.

How Do You Use Probiotics?

You can use probiotics either orally or vaginally. When you eat probiotic yogurts or a probiotic tablet/capsule, the lactobacilli make their way through your gut and then sit in your rectum. Since your rectum lies just behind your vagina, these lactobacilli are able to migrate through the walls of your rectum and vagina, and into the vaginal space. 

Clinical studies have demonstrated the oral route to have more lasting and prolonged benefits than the vaginal route.

Using the vaginal route involves either using a probiotic suppository or applying probiotic yogurts directly inside your vagina. This route has its own benefits in that the effects are a lot more immediate than the oral route.

You'll be happy to know that there is no harm in using both the oral and vaginal routes at the same time, so you can get the best of both worlds.

Can You Use Probiotics With Antibiotics?

I have my reservations about the use of antibiotics in bacterial vaginosis, but in some cases it is necessary to take antibiotics.

The good news however, is that it is perfectly safe to use probiotics in conjunction with antibiotics. In fact, studies have shown that using antibiotics and probiotics together yields better, more prolonged results than just using antibiotics alone.

One thing I perhaps shouldn't tell you is that using antibiotics and probiotics together is also more effective than just using probiotics alone. But there are better, natural alternatives to antibiotics. You can use these alternatives with probiotics to give you even better results.

In the next session I'll be telling you all about one of these alternatives. This particular treatment is in many ways, superior to antibiotics and works wonders when combined with probiotics. Unlike with antibiotics, this treatment gives most women almost immediate results.

Till next time

Yours forever

Louise Endago



Remember, in the next session I'll be telling you about a particular treatment that you can use to get instant results! Many women have reported their symptoms to vanish after just one use of this natural remedy. And if that wasn't good enough, this remedy is available from most pharmacies and drug stores for just a few bucks!

So make sure you check out the next session of your BV mini-course.

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