Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) Treatment Without Antibiotics Or Prescription Drugs

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BV Treatment

"Antibiotics were never designed to cure your bacterial vaginosis permanently. In the long-run, they can even make things worse!"

The most effective and permanent bacterial vaginosis (BV) treatment is the use of natural methods to change the condition inside your vagina BACK to its original natural and healthy state.

When you do this the bad bacteria that have built up to cause all the foul smells, discharge, burning, discomfort and whatever else you may feel will die away naturally. If you can change the environment inside your vagina, there is no way that bad bacteria can come back. So you will be free of BV forever!

Antibiotics and douching only clean out or kill the bacteria. They do nothing to change the subtle chemical balance within your vagina, so the bacteria just grow back and you get BV all over again.

"What Are These Natural And Permanent BV Treatments And How Do They Work?"

To understand how these natural BV Treatments work, you have to first know a few things about how you get bacterial vaginosis.

Normally, your vagina is a very acidic environment where bad bacteria cannot survive. The vagina is made acidic by a strain of good bacteria called Lactobacillus acidophilus. These good bacteria release all sorts of chemicals including lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide, which help to keep your vagina nice and healthy.

Bacterial vaginosis happens when the good bacteria inside your vagina are either disrupted or killed. It can also happen when your immune system is weakened by for example, certain medical drugs, illnesses, and stress. When this happens the bad bacteria overgrow and give you the bad odors, discharge and everything else you get with BV.

Antibiotics are only a short-term treatment for bacterial vaginosis. They just kill off all the bad AND good bacteria in your vagina. They do not help to produce more good bacteria, they do not change the acid levels in your vagina back to its natural, healthy state. That's why in most women the BV just comes back a few weeks after antibiotic BV treatment.

"Natural BV treatment works much better than antibiotics and can keep bacterial vaginosis away forever."

It involves increasing the level of good, Lactobacillus bacteria in your vagina, strengthening your immune system and changing the environment inside your vagina so bad bacteria can no longer survive.

"Eating special yoghurts that contain a special type of good bacteria has been shown to change the environment inside your vagina, helping to cure bacterial vaginosis permanently."

One example of a powerful natural BV treatment includes the use of natural unpasteurized yoghurt that contains live Lactobacillus acidophilus. Studies have shown that many women who either eat this type of yoghurt or apply it directly inside their vagina, are quickly cured of their BV, and it is quite common for the infection to never return.

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  1. Hello, I have read and printed your article, started your advice today after taking flagal for 7 days, was afraid it was going to come back so four days after that terrible drug I have started your 3 steps. I can say that I under alot of stress I have have this going on for a couple of months so panic sticken IHope praying that your remedies work for me, Thank you, it all makes alot of sense. Was wondering about the douche of hp with water is that amount 3 times daily or one bottle to be used three times daily. Again, I have my fingers crossed thank u again.


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