What Happens AFTER You Cure Your BV?

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Hey there

Yesterday was one of the happiest days of my life. These happy days come round a few times every year for me and I cherish every single one.

So you might be wondering what happened. Well I got a call from one of my old BV patients, Susan and she told me how her life had transformed ever since she cured her BV 2 years ago.

Susan's was one of those near-perfect scenarios. With her BV cured, she was able to put in more effort at work and ended up being appointed a managerial role with a huge raise.

As you know, when you're affected by BV, it can bring turmoil to the whole family. When Susan cured herself, she was able to spend more time with her husband and their children (whom I have met – an adorable boy and baby girl). Her boy is doing better at school and her baby girl is reaching her milestones just fine. Susan's husband is also doing a lot better at work now that things are a lot more easy-going at home.

Susan called me when they moved into their new house in a much nicer part of town. Yeh, I know – how much more perfect can things get? I can't describe to you how happy Susan's little story made me. The one thing that makes me happier than when I lost my own BV is when my patients call me with THEIR success stories.

I realized yesterday more than ever that I want YOU to have the same success that Susan did, and I want you to write to me when you have achieved your own success over BV. 


Unfortunately I am no longer offering one on one consultations, but I DO have the next best thing for you.


I have taken much of the information I learned during my days as a bacterial vaginosis clinical practitioner and the natural remedies that worked for hundreds of my clients, and put it all in a book that you can start reading right now.

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