Curing Bacterial Vaginosis – Lessons From The Ancient Egyptians

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Hi it's Louise again

I read a fascinating article today about the last pharaoh of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra. I'm sure you'll find it very interesting.

Cleopatra, wasn't the most beautiful woman of her time, and yet she managed to seduce some of the greatest men that existed at the time. Both Julius Caesar of Rome followed by his successor, Mark Antony.

Now she didn't do this by just throwing herself at these men. Nor did she improvise or leave anything to chance. She didn't just present herself to these great men and hope that they would like her.

No. As good as any good army general, Cleopatra planned and strategized, aiming at her target's particular weaknesses. This is what made her so successful at getting results.


Too many women try to treat BV with a one size fits all approach, without any planning and without any tweaking to adjust for their body's own unique responses. This is why most women are unsuccessful at curing bacterial vaginosis.


Cleopatra would first draw a man in with an alluring appearance, designing her makeup and clothing to resemble the image of a goddess come to life. She would tease a man's imagination by showing glimpses of flesh, stimulating not just the desire for sex but the desire to possess something out of a fantasy. Once she had her soon-to-be-lover's interest, she would lure him away from the world of war and politics, compelling him to spend time in a world of luxury, comfort and pleasure.

Then, just as her lover grew hooked on these refined, sensual pleasures, she would grow cold and indifferent, confusing her lover, who would then be forced into pursuit, trying anything to win back the pleasures he had once tasted and growing weak and emotional in the process. 

These powerful, great and intelligent men would inevitably find themselves becoming slaves to Cleopatra's every desire.

So what could this possibly have to do with bacterial vaginosis?

My answer to you is – more than you think.

Just as Octavia, the most beautiful woman in Rome was no match for the strategizing seductive charms of Cleopatra, the most powerful bacterial vaginosis remedy cannot match a formulated strategic plan for the treatment of BV.

Most women make the mistake of finding one or two powerful BV remedies, using these remedies however they have heard others use them, and then hoping for these remedies to work. 

These women may get some good initial relief from their symptoms, perhaps better than anything they have tried before.

But in most cases the BV just comes back, perhaps after a few months following a particularly heavy period. They will then simply use the same treatment again to ward off their symptoms for another few months. 

These women may be happy with their results, because these powerful remedies do a better job than antibiotics and DO significantly improve their quality of life. But they still haven't achieved their goal…

These women still haven't permanently cured their BV.

Your best bet at curing bacterial vaginosis permanently is to play it like Cleopatra. No, cheeky I'm not talking about seducing rich and powerful men. That's a topic for my other mini course 😉

Every case of bacterial vaginosis is different.

Although there are some strategic treatment options that will significantly improve your chances of curing BV permanently, you will get far better results with an individualized approach. This is where you identify and address the specific cause(s) of your BV, then use different treatment regimes to find what works for you by varying the type, timing and dose of treatments.

Don't worry.

It may seem a little confusing at first, but it's really quite simple. I'll show you how it's done in following sessions.

Using this approach you may not be 100% successful at first, but soon enough you WILL find that sweet spot and your BV will never come back.

So the take-home message for today's session is as follows:


The secret to curing bacterial vaginosis permanently lies in using a strategic and individualized approach. 


Cleopatra seduced Julius Caesar by instilling in him doubts about his masculinity. She knew that beneath all his pride, Caesar was insecure. She spoke repeatedly of Alexander the Great from whom she was supposedly descended. As a result she awakened in Caesar a hunger and anxiety to prove his greatness to her.

She used a different approach with Mark Antony, the successor to Caesar in the leadership of Rome. Antony loved pleasure and spectacle. Cleopatra appeared to him first on her royal barge, then wined and dined and banqueted him. Everything was designed to suggest to him the superiority of the Egyptian way of life. Antony soon became bored of his life in Rome. He saw Cleopatra as the incarnation of all that was exciting, and was powerless in the face of her charm. It wasn't long before Antony, just like Caesar before him, became Cleopatra's slave.

There's no question that Cleopatra's use of an individualized and strategic approach to seduce these two powerful and intelligent men was many times more effective than any generic approach that a woman might use to seduce a man. 


In the same way, the most powerful and effective way to permanently get rid of bacterial vaginosis is to use a strategic and individualized treatment regime.


More about that in following sessions.

In the next session we're going to get right into the meat of things. I'll be telling you about a very concrete treatment that you can start using right now. This treatment can both relieve your symptoms now AND significantly reduce the chances of your BV ever coming back.

Till then

Louise Endago




If today's session seemed a bit abstract then don't worry because you're in for a treat next time. In the next session I'll be telling you about a very concrete treatment that you can start using right now, so don't miss out 😉

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