The Secret To Permanently Getting Rid Of Bacterial Vaginosis

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Dear BV Sufferer

I'm in a pleasant mood today. I just found out that I lost 3% of my body fat without putting in much effort.

I confess that I'm a bit overweight, and having sorted out my bacterial vaginosis some years ago, I'm determined to get a handle on my weight so I can add just that much more freedom to my life.

Now I haven't reached my ideal weight just yet, but I'm already able to fit into a smaller pair of jeans. I not only look great, but I feel great too.


This all got me thinking about bacterial vaginosis and how remarkably similar it is to being overweight, and albeit different at the same time.


When I had BV I was terribly self-conscious out in public, at work, with my friends and even with my husband. When you're overweight, you also tend to be self-conscious, but about the way you look rather than the way you smell. 

The way I see it, both conditions restrict you in your life and take away your freedom. But here's where it gets interesting.

The Secret To Getting Rid Of Bacterial Vaginosis

The secret to permanently getting rid of bacterial vaginosis and the secret to losing weight are one and the same: you need to find a method that works and stick to it.

I told you earlier that I lost a whole load of body fat without putting in much effort. Yup, I admit it was easy. I can eat almost anything I want and I'm never hungry. See when you use the right method, when you use something that's proven to work then it IS easy to achieve your goal.

The same applies to bacterial vaginosis. Sure it took me three years before I figured out what works, but as soon as I did, it was easy to get rid of my BV and my symptoms haven't come back since. And if that isn't good enough, I'm going to tell you something EVEN better.

Losing BV was MUCH easier for me than losing weight. See, with weight loss there is no instant gratification. You have to apply a diet and exercise regime for a good few weeks before you see any real results. But with BV it's different.


There are some BV remedies that will relieve you of your symptoms in just a few days, and others that will get rid of your symptoms almost instantly!


Although these instant remedies rarely give you permanent results when used on their own, they sure do help when used as part of a strategic BV treatment plan that WILL get rid of your BV forever.

All it takes is combining the right treatments that have been proven in clinical trials and in clinical practice to bring lasting and permanent results to hundreds of different women.

So the take-home-message from today's session is:

  • Getting rid of bacterial vaginosis is EASY when you know how.

I hope you're excited about this BV mini-course, as in upcoming sessions I'll be revealing some of the most powerful bacterial vaginosis treatments. These include treatments that give immediate results and others that will give more lasting, permanent results. I will also show you how to combine these treatments to get the best of both worlds.

In the next session I'll be telling you about a new concept in the treatment of bacterial vaginosis – the individualized strategic treatment plan that gives more lasting and permanent results than any other form of treatment you've ever heard of.

More on that in my next email.

Till then

Louise Endago




Don't forget, in the next session you'll learn about the individualized strategic treatment plan for bacterial vaginosis. Many hundreds of women have used this approach under my care to great effect. So don't miss out 😉

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