Have You Tried This Powerful Home Remedy For Bacterial Vaginosis? (Part 2 of 2)

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"How Does This Home Remedy For Bacterial Vaginosis Work?"

Studies have shown that when you eat yoghurt containing live L acidophilus bacteria, it increases the number of L acidophilus bacteria in your vagina.

Now, before you get all worried about having yet more bacteria in your vagina, let me reassure you that L acidophilus is the GOOD guy here. Normal women with normal vaginas with no bacterial vaginosis have LOTS of L acidophilus bacteria in their vagina. It's when you don't have enough L acidophilus bacteria in your vagina that you get bacterial vaginosis.

Home Remedy For Bacterial Vaginosis
Special yoghurts containing live strains of good bacteria are an excellent cure for bacterial vaginosis.

Normally, your vagina is a very acidic environment. The bad bacteria in your vagina prefer non-acidic or alkaline conditions. When the vagina becomes less acidic than normal, that's when these bad bacteria start to grow and cause bacterial vaginosis.

Eating yoghurt containing live L acidophilus bacteria has been proven to be an excellent home remedy for bacterial vaginosis for thousands of women over the years. This type of yoghurt helps your vagina to regain its normal, natural, healthy acidic state. This is because L acidophilus bacteria release lactic acid. Some strains of L acidophilus bacteria also release hydrogen peroxide, which directly kills off the bad bacteria.

"How Can I Use This Home Remedy For Bacterial Vaginosis?"

Pop over to your local health food store and get yourself some unpasteurized yoghurt containing live Lactobacillus acidophilus. Start eating 150 mL of this yoghurt per day. In the long run, you will get the best results by EATING this yoghurt. But if you want quick relief, you can also do this:

You can apply the yogurt directly inside your vagina. Scientific studies have also shown this to be effective in treating bacterial vaginosis.

Here is a quick excerpt from one of these studies:

"A total of 32 women with bacterial vaginosis in the first trimester of pregnancy were treated with intravaginal application of yoghurt. The result was favorable indicating that the continuous correction of vaginal pH and lactobacillus flora is crucial for normal vaginal ecology. During pregnancy, a local treatment restoring the normal acidity and vaginal flora, without systemic effect, may be preferable to any other treatment."

Neri A. et. al. Bacterial vaginosis in pregnancy treated with yoghurt. Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand. 1993 Jan;72(1):17-9.

You can apply yoghurt inside your vagina using an applicator or a small spoon. Try to spread it around so it covers all the surfaces inside your vagina. I advise you do this at bedtime, and be sure to wear a non-deodorized pad to avoid soiling your underpants.

If this sounds too messy, you can also get L acidophilus bacteria in tablet form or as a gelatin capsule. The secret is to do this regularly. Keep applying the yoghurt or tablet for 7 days straight and see if you don't get some AMAZING results!

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