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Hi, it's Louise

I took my little 4-year old niece Sarah to the park last Sunday. She loves to play on the monkey bars and swings. Her favorite however is the slide, and she always goes to that one first.

Once she's bored of the slide she'll move on to the monkey bars and swing. Last Sunday was no different. Sarah went straight for the slide. It never ceases to amaze me how kids can just go on doing the same thing over and over again without getting bored or tired. Her 10th slide was no less fun than her first. 

As always however, she eventually started to make her way toward the monkey bars, when I noticed something that turned my stomach.

There were four or five teenage girls (i'd guess around 13-14 years old) lingering by the monkey bars, one of them on the swing being pushed by her 'mate'. The three on the monkey bars were smoking.

I quickly darted toward Sarah and grabbed her by the hand. There was no way  I was going to let my niece play in a smoke-infested area. I told her she could play on the monkey bars when 'those bad girls go away'.

After about 30 minutes they were still there, showing no sign that they were going to move. There were some other children who wanted to play on the monkey bars, but they were either stopped by there moms or they were too scared to play near the intimidating teenagers.

So I decided to take a stand. I walked up to the girls and politely asked them to move away from the children's area. Ok, maybe I wasn't 100% polite. I may have been a little abrupt and raised my voice a by a moderate degree. 

Surprisingly enough, they were all very apologetic. They all got up and walked away.

Soon enough, all the younger kids were laughing and playing with Sarah on the monkey-bars. The whole environment inside the children's play area had changed. There was a lot more laughter and everything just felt healthy and normal.


Now I tell you this story because it holds much importance in the treatment of bacterial vaginosis.


In my last email I told you about the use of probiotics in the treatment of bacterial vaginosis.

But the trouble with using probiotics on their own is just as the young children in the play area were unable to remove and take over from the filthy smoking teenagers by the monkey bars, so do probiotics have trouble getting rid of the bad overgrown bacteria that are already there in bacterial vaginosis.

Although probiotics on their own DO work for some women, the majority of women need something else to get rid of the bad overgrown bacteria first. At the park, that something else was me. Once I got rid of the smokers, the children were able to have fun, enjoy themselves and literally transform the environment in the park.

This is why probiotics are an excellent adjunct to antibiotics. Antibiotics do a great job at killing the overgrown bad bacteria, whereas probiotics help to restore the vaginal environment to its natural, healthy state. But I can think of something better than antibiotics that you can use. It is both natural and comes without the side-effects of antibiotics.

The Use Of Hydrogen Peroxide As A Selective Bactericidal Agent In Curing Bacterial Vaginosis.

The trouble with antibiotics is they kill both good AND bad bacteria in your vagina. When taken orally, they also kill bacteria and upset the microbial balance in other organs in your body.


Hydrogen peroxide on the other hand, is a perfectly natural BV remedy that selectively kills only the bad bacteria inside your vagina.


The name 'hydrogen peroxide' kind of makes it sound like a harsh man-made chemical. But in actual fact it is produced naturally by the vagina's lactobacilli. 

Every normal and healthy vagina contains hydrogen peroxide. Its chemical composition is similar to water with an added oxygen atom (H2O2). It is this extra oxygen atom that oxidizes and kills the overgrown bad bacteria.

Since hydrogen peroxide does not kill lactobacilli, it is known as a selective bactericidal agent, in that it kills only the bad bacteria in your vagina.


In my experience, the use of hydrogen peroxide followed by probiotics is a truly powerful strategic treatment plan for bacterial vaginosis.


Women who use these two treatments together achieve far better results than those who use either probiotics or hydrogen peroxide alone.

Another added bonus to using hydrogen peroxide is that its effects are almost instantaneous. As soon as you use a hydrogen peroxide douche, you can expect to hear a fizzing sound with white foam coming out, which indicates that the bad bacteria are being oxidized and killed. Following this you can expect your symptoms of foul vaginal odor and excess discharge to be gone.

Hydrogen peroxide is very inexpensive. It is readily available in most pharmacies and drug stores, and you can also order it online.

So get to it. If you are being particularly troubled by your symptoms, get yourself some hydrogen peroxide and you'll very likely be free of your symptoms today!

In the next session I'll be revealing one of the most neglected yet powerful BV remedies out there. This remedy can work on its own, but its effects are tremendously greater when used in conjunction with hydrogen peroxide and probiotics.

It has a completely different mode of action from most other natural BV remedies and attacks bacterial vaginosis from a whole different angle.  This is definitely one NOT to be missed, so make sure you open my next email to you and check out the next session in your BV mini-course.

Kindest regards

Louise Endago




Don't forget, in the next session I'll be revealing a particular natural BV remedy that most women either don't use or don't know how to use. This remedy treats bacterial vaginosis from a whole different angle that most women have never heard of. So make sure you open my next email to you and catch the next session.

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