The Secrets Of Treating Bacterial Vaginosis Naturally

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Treating bacterial vaginosis permanently can seem impossible if you have been to your doctor for round after round of antibiotics.

Bacterial vaginosis is known by doctors to be a recurring problem. One that is expected to come back again and again despite taking antibiotics.

Sometimes women can get lucky, in that after their first course of antibiotics their bacterial vaginosis disappears and never comes back. In most cases however, bacterial vaginosis does come back, and the more antibiotics you use the less likely it becomes that you will ever be cured of your BV completely.

Why You Must NOT Rely On Antibiotics For Treating Bacterial Vaginosis

Antibiotics whether taken orally as tablets, or applied inside your vagina in the form of a cream/gel are designed to kill all types of bacteria.

A normal healthy vagina contains lots of good bacteria called 'lactobacilli', which play a crucial role inside your vagina by releasing chemicals that kill bad bacteria. When you take antibiotics, you not only kill the overgrown bad bacteria that you get in BV, you also kill off the small number of good bacteria you have remaining.

After you finish your course of antibiotics, the bacteria inside your vagina inevitably grow back. In most cases, the bad bacteria tend to grow back quicker than the good bacteria, thereby causing BV all over again. And to make things worse, the second time round the infection is usually more severe than when you had it the first time round.

Why Natural Remedies Do A Much Better Job At Treating Bacterial Vaginosis Permanently

There are a vast range of different natural cures for bacterial vaginosis. A lot of these natural cures are no better than antibiotics. Some are worse than antibiotics and others are down right dangerous. But there are a handful of safe home remedies that work in a whole different way and have been proven in clinical trials to provide lasting and often, permanent relief from bacterial vaginosis.

The reason your doctor will never tell you about any permanent treatment for bacterial vaginosis is because these treatments have not been adopted into the practices of mainstream medicine. Due to all the bureaucracy involved, conventional medicine is extremely inflexible when it comes to taking up new remedies for ANY illness, and is as a result, MILES behind the latest advances in alternative therapy.

The secret that makes these particular natural remedies so effective at treating bacterial vaginosis permanently, lies in their mode of action – in the way that they work. Instead of simply killing off all of the excess bacteria like antibiotics do, these natural remedies focus on changing the environment inside your vagina, back to its natural and healthy state.

When reverted to its natural state, the vagina becomes an environment in which bad bacteria can no longer survive in large numbers. As a result the overgrown bacteria die away naturally and the good bacteria then thrive and serve to maintain that environment once again, ensuring that your BV does NOT return.

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