Is There A Permanent Treatment For Bacterial Vaginosis?

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Treatment For Bacterial Vaginosis
"Antibiotics do not cure bacterial vaginosis, and in the long run they WILL make things worse."

With the right treatment for bacterial vaginosis, it IS possible to cure yourself permanently so you never have to worry about bacterial vaginosis again.

Most doctors are unaware of any permanent treatment. 

If your condition is severe, your doctor will likely give you antibiotics and then HOPE that your bacterial vaginosis goes away. But in most cases, antibiotics just kill off the bacteria for a few weeks and then the infection just comes back. And this time it is WORSE than when you got it the first time round.

Antibiotics are not an ideal bacterial vaginosis treatment.

As you are given more and more antibiotics by your doctor, ALL of the bacteria inside your body start to become more resistant to antibiotics. Over time they will develop into super-bugs that can one day give you an infection that NOTHING can cure.

That is NOT something you want happening. Thankfully there is another way.

"What Is This Permanent Treatment For Bacterial Vaginosis?"

The most effective and permanent treatment for bacterial vaginosis involves using natural methods to change the environment inside your vagina back to its healthy and natural state. Thankfully, in this environment the overgrown bad bacteria can not survive. 

As these bad bacteria die away, you will be permanently cured of your bacterial vaginosis (providing you keep up with good vaginal practices). This can easily be done all naturally and without harming your body with prescription drugs.

Normally your vagina is a very acidic environment in which bad bacteria cannot survive. This environment is created by a good strain of bacteria called Lactobacillus acidophilus, which release lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide to kill off bad bacteria.

There are many things that you can do to disrupt the good bacteria, which can lead to the bad bacteria overgrowing and causing the foul smell, discharge, burning and discomfort that you can get in bacterial vaginosis. 

These include douching, smoking, having a high dietary fat intake, not having enough folate and certain vitamins in your diet. The list goes on.

"Studies have shown that even stress can cause bacterial vaginosis by weakening your immune system long enough for the bad bacteria to grow and kill off the good bacteria."

The best treatment for bacterial vaginosis is using a combination of natural methods to strengthen your immune system, and change the environment inside your vagina by increasing the number of good bacteria and making the environment more acidic so the bad bacteria cannot survive.

This involves increasing your oral intake of certain key vitamins and minerals (including folic acid), as well as taking in live healthy Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria either in specialized forms of yoghurt or capsules. It also involves introducing healthy, all-natural formulations into your vagina that can increase the number of good bacteria.

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